Violence, VIOLENCE, violence

Yesterday the buck stopped here! My brother was shot in the leg during an attempted robbery (he wash’t the robber). I was a bit taken aback by the news. It was the pregnant pause then the typical WHAAT?!? My boyfriend didn’t stutter, my ears did not need cleaning, but I didn’t hear him correctly. It was that all encompassing wealth of emotion that makes you freeze, fight, or flee. I froze. Just what everyone thinks when something finally makes it around to their family “I never thought this could happen to me, my family.” I could not understand. 

Even though I know all about the statistics, I live in a shady neighborhood, more people die from gun violence than of natural causes …etc. It still was unreal. I met someone recently Janet Fitch of New Moon Productions. Awesome lady looking to change the conversation about gun violence. Because gun violence is generally discussed from a persecutive of urban homicides (like above) and the statistics state something different, Janet has been on a mission to reframe the conversation and put it into the context of public health and prevention.


No, I am not pressuring you to support me or my family in anyway because of the shooting or want to ride the gun wagon until the wheels fall off because of it. The incident just pushed me to finally tell people about her work, what she hopes to do for the community through it, and how you can be a part of it. Visit Janet’s website and see what she has been up to before you are feeling as I yesterday.


Later Dayz…


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