Winter car pile up, but you’re from WI?!?! My soapbox moment #1

Image I have always been perplexed as to how Wisconsinites can’t drive in snow. Every year around the same time we get snow. I expect it. Frankly, I look forward to it. It is the signal of thanksgiving, christmas and holiday cheer for me. It signals the coming of an end to this long drawn out semester… NO MORE CLASSES!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! As soon as I see snow I instantly think great winter times. As much as I love all those things before there must be the ying to my yang, right? Of course! The snow also marks the start of mindless accidents to come. 
Channel 12 shows the raw footage of Highway 41/45 in Waukesha’s dozen+ car pile up. Its very obvious that people were simply driving too fast for conditions. As much snow that is shown on the video it should have been moving at a snails pace! When driving all there is to do is look ahead, scan ahead, prepare for whats ahead. Yet, its 10 cars on the road with people out of their cars and cars are still flying and then sliding into the cars and groups of people. Im sorry, but some people just need not be on the road. Is it rocket science?
After having all of this to say I went to the DMV Statistics to check and see if November – February are our worst or most accidents. I was very shocked that AUGUST, the dry, hot as hell month of the year averages about 66 car crashes and the winter months in which I expected to clobber the rest of the year with the amount of crashes are actually the months where the least amount of crashes occur! January averaged high thirties and November/December were low forties. 
Later dayz…