Where are all the black men in WI?

Back in jail are they?


Recidivism : 

Blank stares
Green suits of despair that everyone wears
Nothing but thoughts to share 
One ideal to abide
Only me to confide
Eyes wide shut
But it’s warm when I wake up
Don’t institutionalize me!

Yelps of control
Restrictions 3 fold
Dreams and desires 
Like paper in fire
But  I got a hot shower
Don’t institutionalize me!

Distrust is a must
Lack of lust
Miles and miles of dial tones
Needing to be shown a way
But I had a great time in rec today 
Don’t institutionalize me!  

Set-up for failure
Always of the lesser
Too late to plan for a successor
Already an inevitable offspring future
But I got my own bed to dream in
Don’t institutionalize me!

Back against a wall 
Closed doors to catch my fall
Counting down
Stuck in a system dedicated to ensuring I’ll be back around
Institutionalize me…